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SwissSportsCare offers services for individual and corporate clients. Regular consultations for health, fitness, musculoskletal and sports medical problems. It also aims to provide you with health information to take control of your own health. Education and more. Musculoskeletal Ultrasound, Ultrasound guided injections with a focus on sports injuries and Joint health.

Swisssportscare also offers consulting services for healthcare providers, insurances, Professional Sports Clubs, pharmaceutical industry looking at the impact new ideas have in the healthcare industry. Innovation management, Health Economics and Strategic investments, Service developments with the aim to improve health outcomes, increase quality of care and reduce ovetreatment and overinvestigation.

SwissSportsCare bietet online / telefonkonsulationen für Schweizer und Englisch Privat versicherte Patienten online an.  Mit unserem starken Partner in Corporate Health, Healthcare Risk Managment Ltd UK kann die ganze Bandbreite von Leistungen auch im Corporate Health auch in der Schweiz Angeboten werden. Zusätzlich bietet swisssportscare informationen zu Fitness, Gesundheit und Rehabilitation. Weiterbildung und mehr. Focus auf Muskuloskeletalem Ultraschall und Ultraschall gesteuerte Injektionen mit Standorten in Rapperswil-Jona (Schweiz) und London (Onewelbeck).

SwissSportsCare offers online and in person consultations for Swiss, German (private) and U.K. based patients.

sportmedizinische Beratung  -- sportsmedical councling

Beschwerden der Bewegungsapparates  --- all problems Musculoskeletal

Sehnen und Muskelprobleme  ---- in particular tendon and muscle problems

Gelenkschmerzen  -- joint pain

Ernährungsberatung  --- nutritional advise

Rückenschmerzen  --- backpain

Muskuloskeletaler Ultraschall --- MSK Ultrasound

Ultraschall gesteuerte Injektionen --  Ultrasound guided Injections


Why SwissSportsCare

SwissSportsCare was founded by Dr Markus Laupheimer to prevent injury, improve health, reduce waste and overtreatment in health systems and use the knowlege of evidence based care to provie hands-on services for patients with musculoskeletal problems. To improve quality of care direct investments toward new ideas which help to improve the future.


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